UC Davis Information & Educational Technology

IET Employee Provisioning Process

Provisioning new IET employees and contractors is a multi-step process. This is a general outline of the processes for incoming and outgoing IET employees. Equipment and services not provided by ITPS (e.g., telephony, alarm codes, and keys) are outside the scope of this document.


  1. IET HR notifies ITPS of an incoming employee's start date, and directs the employee's supervisor to submit a System/Access Request Form to ITPS.
  2. The employee's supervisor submits a completed System/Access Request Form to ITPS.
  3. If the employee requires equipment or software beyond IET standard hardware or software, the purchase process is started for those items, if necessary. This usually requires funding from the requesting unit and delay the delivery date of the employee's workstation, or result in an incomplete deployment on the employee's start date (missing requested applications or peripheral hardware), depending on lead time provided and how quickly vendors fulfill orders.
  4. The employee's workstation is built by ITPS.
  5. The day before the employee's start date, requested systems access is granted and an Exchange mailbox created. For career employees, their campus MailID is repointed to the IET Exchange server.
  6. On the morning of the employee's start date, equipment is deployed.



  1. IET HR notifies ITPS of a separating employee's end date.
  2. ITPS notifies the separating employee and their supervisor of the offboarding actions that will take place.
  3. Unless directed otherwise by IET HR or the separating employee's supervisor, the following actions will occur the next business day* after the separating employee's end date:
    • All IET systems access will be terminated.
    • All equipment assigned to the employee will be collected by ITPS.
    • Unless the separating employee has already redirected their MailID, or ITPS has been informed that the separating employee has a new or continuing appointment with another campus department:
      • The separating employee's MailID will cease routing mail.
      • ITPS will submit a deletion request for the user's uConnect mailbox.
  4. Two weeks (14 calendar days) after ITPS collects the separating employee's equipment, all data stored on any of the former employee's devices will be securely erased. The equipment will be returned to the available production pool or queued for disposal (as appropriate), unless ITPS is directed otherwise.
  5. The employee's home folder on the SAN will be archived. Archived home folders will be retained for no longer than six (6) months, after which time they will be deleted.

* Equipment is collected and access terminated after the separation date to allow the separating employee to continue work until the close of business on their separation date.