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Juniper Firewall Service Options

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Turnkey Service
Through this option, Information and Educational Technology (IET) will work with each interested campus unit to conduct a firewall needs assessment and develop an implementation plan. IET will also purchase and receive all equipment and consult with the department to install and configure the service (including the rule set).

After installation, IET will be responsible for troubleshooting, maintaining and monitoring the firewall. (Monitoring does not include traffic analysis, but this can be arranged through a separate agreement.)

Subscription to the turnkey service also provides for the replacement of firewalls during technology refresh cycles (approximately 3 years). As new products and upgrades are released, IET will re-negotiate, as needed, the campus contract with the firewall vendor, and new products will be incorporated into the suite of campus-supported firewall options, as appropriate. Campus departments will be informed of these new options and turnkey service subscribers will have the option of replacing their firewall equipment with equivalent new products at no additional charge at the end of the technology refresh cycle.

This option also includes the sparing service described below:

Costs to the customer include the initial procurement of the firewall appliance plus an annual fee for turnkey services. Rates vary depending upon the model of the firewall appliance.

Contact ITPS for pricing.

Consulting Service
IET will provide technical support for Juniper products and other vendors’ firewall products, for an hourly fee.

Support for firewall options other than Juniper will be provided on a best effort basis (i.e., installation, configuration, and resolution of issues may take longer as technical staff may or may not have expertise specific to the unit’s firewall).